Dee Divakaran is a detail-oriented motion designer, animator and illustrator with a background in 2D animation, visual effects, illustration and motion design. 
She comes from a multicultural background and loves to travel. Finding inspiration from her surroundings and learning from the experiences of people she interacts with, is an integral part of her life.
In terms of the art of storytelling, Dee believes that an artist/ storyteller should be free from any limitations that arise from the medium they use.  Due to this belief she is a quick learner and keeps an open mind when it comes to picking up new skills. 
Dee also considers herself a creative chameleon, as she is flexible when working with different mediums, project sizes and a team or individual projects.  She also constantly experiments with different techniques and methods of storytelling in order to come up with new and interesting ways to present an idea.
When she is not busy designing and creating, Dee spends time picking up fun new hobbies, writing stories, listening to music, watching movies and TV shows.
Feel free to reach out or just say hello at: dee.divakaran@gmail.com
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