Week 07 Progress
Feedback/ Notes
-FX: Intense; aim for more detail. Note velocity vein; add motion blur to the wheel.
-DMP Shot: Enhance visibility of FX.
-Map: Blue line, show arrival spot; experiment with timing, animation, and textures. Satellite Imagery Texture: Positive feedback. Line Exploration: Consider dashing, color change, desaturation, or 3D shape.
-Shot 5 Updates: Good decision on midground depth. Road Track Marks: Emphasize road marks.
-Shot 6: Address flat lighting; wider view, add imagery. Confirm lighting correctness; consider matte painting.

Unfortunately, due to health issues, I wasn't able to attend the check-in with the mentors this week. However, I watched the Zoom recording to check the feedback we received and referred back to my classmates notes in case I missed anything.  My goals and tasks for this week are as follows:
1. Refine the satellite map graphics to get it closer to completion in terms of its look and animation.
2. Finalize layout for Shot 03A and adjust souvenir animation.

3. Complete look development of all the souvenirs.
4. Work on stickers inside the tuk tuk.
5. Adjust lighting based on look development. 
Map Graphics 
Based on the mentors' feedback, I will be focusing on refining the satellite version of the map graphics this week. I created additional map versions, refined details in Photoshop, and imported them into After Effects to enhance the appearance and adjust the animated route. Here is my process documentation, along with a comparison video between last week's progress and this week's progress.​​​​​​​
Shot 03 Updates
I focused on enhancing the appearance of the souvenirs by refining their textures in Substance Painter. After that, I imported the texture maps into Houdini and conducted thorough testing to ensure the best possible outcome when rendering with Redshift. Additionally, I ensured that the objects reacted appropriately to the lighting setup, and troubleshooted any issues that arose, identifying the root cause of the problem.
I tried to replicate the hand-painted details of the souvenirs by painting them in Substance Painter. I also used Photoshop to paint some designs, then imported them into Substance Painter as a color map and worked on the material and painted dust, scratches and dirt. I had to refer to the references several times to ensure that the material, wear and tear, and other details were correct. I also took some creative liberty in terms of the design and color, selecting the details that I felt best matched our project. As I had set up the lighting early and used the appropriate Redshift material and colors, the new textures responded correctly to my setup, eliminating the need for many adjustments. I plan on further refining these details in the coming week.
Sound Update
Our sound designer, Bella, made additional adjustments based on feedback from the internal team. Here's the update:
I attempted to work on the stickers inside the tuk tuk, but it may be time to abandon this idea and concentrate on the look development main objects in the shot.
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