Week 06 Progress
Feedback/ Notes
Here's a summary of the feedback we received this week: 
-Increase grass thickness for better reflections.
-Improve sample quality.
-Consider shot reordering.
-Add midground elements to shot 5.
-Enhance the visibility of the road in the second shot.
-Achieve a well-balanced composition.
-Introduce atmospheric elements.
-Address silhouette density issues.

Feedback from mentors this week was focused on the FX and some technical issues we had. Although I did not receive specific any feedback on the lighting or animation in Shot 03A, I took notes based on the mentor's reaction to most shots in our project to determine my goals for this week. My priority goals and tasks for this week are as follows:
1.  Ensure that Shot 03A is closer to completion in terms of look development, lighting, and animation.
2.  Refine animation and integrate Shot 04's map graphics for a more cohesive look.
3.  Add placeholder designs for stickers in Shot 03A and adjust placement. 
I collaborated with Mateo to adjust the timing between shots 03A and 05 based on feedback from mentors. We needed to time-lock the project for sound designers to continue designing the sound. Here's our time-locked edit: 
We sent the current edit to our sound designer, who will provide us with a rough edit for next week. 
I also made a note to work on designing our tagline for the ending shot once I complete all my priority tasks.
Shot 03A: Lighting Update
I wanted to improve the lighting for shot 03A, so I reviewed the current lights in the shot and adjusted the global illumination setting for the dome light so that there's more bounce light lighting the shot. After that, I modified the rotation of the HDRI image to better frame and bring attention to the important objects in the scene.
I noticed inconsistencies in the lighting and adjusted the setup to improve the details and brightness of the scene. I tested each light individually, adjusting position, intensity, and global illumination. The key light in this project is the HDRI dome light, I adjusted the global illumination to 10 for this light, in order to get the desired shape and light bounce effect. I then checked the intensity and global illumination of other lights to understand their effect on the scene. After positioning the lights correctly, I adjusted the intensity and global illumination to modify the overall brightness of the scene.
Sound Design Update
We received sound updates from our sound designer, Bella. These are the first draft or rough cut of the sound design that will be improved based on feedback. 
Shot 03A Render Settings
I collaborated with Mateo and set up the AOV layers that he would need for compositing and worked on refining the lighting and overall setup to ensure that the render time per frame remained manageable and not too long. Mateo also helped me check the settings for better color management for the renders. 
Look Development Updates
Yeona provided me with updated textures for the interior of the tuk-tuk. This allowed me to adjust the overall lighting, resulting in an improvement. Here is a comparison between the textures and lighting from week 06 and what we have now.
Shot 03A Animation Update
Here's a comparison between the animation from last week and the improvements made this week. I adjusted the timing of the objects that are propelled upwards and the way they land back down. I adjusted the keyframes and then fine-tuned the animation graph to create a smoother movement. To improve the overall composition and concept, I plan on including a few additional souvenirs. I included a rough version of a souvenir to test if it works and it seems to balance the composition a little better. I will work on refining and improving the overall layout next week. 
Map Graphics
I made some adjustments to the lighting and colors of the map graphics, but unfortunately it still doesn't match the other shots.
After some troubleshooting, I decided to explore a different approach to address the issue and stumbled upon a solution to create a 3D-like satellite map. To generate the 3D-like satellite map, I utilized a plugin called 3D Mapper and fed in GPX data from Google Maps with the route from Thailand to Nepal. After generating a few different 3D-like satellite map, I edited them to combine the details and color-matched it to the other shots. I then created a rough animation of the route in After Effects. I'm looking forward to receiving feedback next week and will refine the process accordingly.
Continuity Quilt
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