Progress From Week 04
Shot 03 Animation Update
One of the main feedbacks we received this week was that the bookend shots do not flow well together. This section disrupts the overall balance of the storyline. We wanted to make sure to first address this feedback and find a solution that best works for this phase in production. We opted to adjust the camera angle and synchronize the motion of the rickshaw seen from the outside with the reaction of the objects inside it. This was done to establish a stronger connection between these two elements and effectively convey the intended message. 
As a team, we worked on the rough edit created by Mateo using the animatic from last week. We discussed the shots and made the necessary adjustments. Mateo also prepared an animation guide for the outside shot to clearly communicate our intentions. Animator Hannah was informed of the feedback, and the required adjustments were made. We also informed our sound designer, Bella, of all the changes so she could begin work on the shots that are time-locked.
A comparison of animation progress from Hannah from last week and this week can be seen below. 
I updated the animation and objects in the inside shot as well. I have a
I have been taking pictures of stickers from my surroundings as a reference for the rickshaw stickers. I also modeled some sticker shapes to test placement. The plan is to refine these further next week and start the initial designs. 
Souvenir References
I looked for more references to add to my collection and hope to soon narrow down the assets list for souvenirs from inside the rickshaw. After looking at all the references, I find that most objects have simple geometry but require extensive look development with additional emphasis on color and graphic details.
Rickshaw Decals Cleanup
I cleaned up the Illustrator file that contained all the vector graphics for the rickshaw decal, and created a placement guide in detail to assist Yeona. I handed over the Illustrator file and placement guide to Yeona to facilitate the look development process of the rickshaw's outer surface.
Map Graphics Update
I updated the look and refined some details along with the camera movement and composition.
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