This is our progress from last week. We now have two new team members: animator Hannah Spillers and sound designer Bella So.
2D Map Graphics (Shot 01)
I made some changes to the map graphics according to the feedback given by the mentors on Tuesday. My plan is to keep improving the design and animation so that the viewers can focus on what's important and better understand the story being told. Here's a comparison of the progress. 
I've also been working on a few design tasks, including designing the graphics for the outer body of the rickshaw. I plan to hand this off to Yeona to test on the rickshaw model. Additionally, I've almost finalized the souvenirs list and will begin refining the models for them soon.
2D Decal/ Paint
I looked up the Rickshaw Run event for inspiration and found interesting ways to decorate our rickshaw and give it more personality. I started designing some of the patterns for the outer surface of the rickshaw.
Shot 03 Animation
I made some changes to the animation in shot 03 in order to make the slow-motion effect more clear. Mateo filmed a reference video and helped me understand how to improve the animation. Here's a comparison between last week's animation and this week's update, along with the reference video.
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