We updated our presentation based on last week's progress and outlined our goals, for feedback from mentors on Tuesday.
As part of my research and development on stickers and souvenirs, I have gathered and organized the following information thus far. I will be updating this list as and when I collect more information.
On Tuesday, after our presentation, Phirada (Team Lightning), one of my classmates, approached me and informed me that one of the Thai phrases I had collected had a spelling error. She kindly helped me correct it, and this reminded me of the importance of double-checking all the phrases I collect. I will ensure to do so before finalizing the list.
While doing some research on the souvenirs, I realized that a lot of interesting objects are simpler in shape and very colorful which fits our concept of showing the contrast between the colorful rickshaw and the rough terrain it's in.  
Souvenir References:
Rickshaw Paint Graphics/ Decals
Using the concept art I created, and some references I collected, I began designing various painting graphics and decal details for the rickshaw. Additionally, I logo for Yeona to paint onto the rickshaw.
Concept Art
Concept Art
3D Layout and Rough Animation for Shot 03
I designed the layout for shot 03 using placeholder objects and created a preliminary slow-motion animation to determine the timing for the shot. I edited the animation graph to roughly time everything and plan to work on it again next week after finalizing and modeling the souvenirs.
Shot 01: Map
I also worked on the rough layout and animation for the map graphics and plan on continuing to refine this next week.
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