This week, we presented our finalized concept pitch and received feedback and suggestions on how to improve our concept and best showcase our character, the rickshaw.
Concept Pitch:
Our team reconvened to discuss feedback and decided to improve the project by changing shots 03 and 04, making the workload more manageable and strengthening our concept.
Storyboard Revisions:
We revised the storyboard and then had a discussion about dividing the tasks. Each person took on a role in the production pipeline. Zach would rig the rickshaw and focus on FX. Yeona focused on the look development of the rickshaw. Mateo focused on matte paintings and compositing. As for myself, I assisted in adding some details to the rickshaw 3D model we purchased from CGTrader and continued my R&D for the stickers and graphics for the rickshaw. I also collected models from a previous project to use as placeholders/bases for the trinket box and trinkets in shot 03. Next, I also gathered some assets the map graphics in shot 04. 
Our mentors suggested emphasizing the rickshaw's character. To do so, our professor suggested finding an animator to exaggerate its movements, especially in shot 05. I spoke with Hannah Spillers, an animator I collaborated with previously, and she agreed to be our animator for this project. 
For shot 03, our goal is to display the trinkets, souvenirs, and stickers that the rickshaw has gathered from its travels to various countries. Our focus is on ensuring the authenticity of these items and avoiding any cliché souvenirs or overused phrases on the stickers. To achieve this, I reached out to some of my friends from different Asian countries to gather their input and suggestions for souvenirs and phrases in their language. I will continue gathering enough information to create the initial designs for next week.
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