Hello and welcome to my SCAD x The Mill blog!
My name is Dee, I am a graduate student currently pursuing my MFA degree in Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. I previously completed my BFA in Visual Effects at SCAD in Atlanta. I am a motion designer with a multidisciplinary background in 2D animation, illustration, design, and visual effects (look development). This blog is dedicated to my elective class, SANM 560 - Collaborative Experiences in the School of Animation and Motion. In this class, we receive mentorship from professionals at The Mill and use their feedback to improve our projects. We have weekly check-ins with our mentors to stay on track.
I am a member of a team named Team Mountain, which consists of four members:  Mateo Solorzano, Yeona Choi, Zach Jantz, and myself. 
We took the time to get to know each other this week,  identify our strengths, and then worked together to brainstorm ideas as a team. After collecting images and videos as references, we developed two initial ideas.​​​​​​​
Pinterest Inspiration Board: https://pin.it/3uSbbEM
Video References:
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