ROLE: Motion Designer/ CG Generalist
BRIEF: SCAD partnered with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to communicate their ICESat-2’s scientific mission. 
GOAL: Our goal was to develop innovative and creative ways to engage the general public and raise awareness about the mission. 
Learn more about the whole project on ICESat-2: Collaborative Student Project
TOURIST PHO CONCEPT: Tourist Pho, an animated short, stars ICESat-2 mission mascots Paige the Penguin and Pho the Photon. It showcases how the ICESat-2 satellite measures Earth heights in various biomes, inspired by NASA's Photon Phriday. Published on NASA's social media, I created all 2D graphic elements.
APPLICATIONS USED: Houdini, Nuke, Maya, Illustrator and After Effects.
SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: Earth Day Twitter Post: @NASA_ICE  |  Arbor Day Instagram Post: @nasaearth  |  Facebook Post: NASA ICE
PLANET PAIGE CONCEPT: Planet Paige is a short looped animation designed for social media, highlighting how ICESat-2 measures Earth heights across different biomes year-round, regardless of weather changes. My roles encompassed render optimization, 3D rendering, creating 2D rain and snow effects, designing cloud text bubbles, and compositing 3D and 2D elements. Additionally, I modeled the umbrella prop, imported animated characters into the 3D scene, and made adjustments to sync with the background animation.
APPLICATIONS USED: Cinema 4D, ProCreate, Photoshop and After Effects.
SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: Instagram Post: @nasaearth  |  Twitter Post: @NASA_ICE  |  Facebook Post: NASA ICE and NASA Earth​​​​​​​
Directors: Madison Snow, Amanda Skeith, Monica Chavez Trochez and Hannah Spillers
Concept and Storyboarding Artists: Madison Snow and Sara Blaske 
Technical Directors: Madison Snow, Avery Chang, Amanda Skeith and Monica Chavez Trochez
Character Design: Adriana Manrique 
Character Modelers: Faith Zeng and Rebecca Lau 
Character Riggers: Rebecca Lau, Faith Zeng and Mason Smigel
Animators: Hannah Spillers and Joshua Bates
Look Development Artist: Monica Chavez Trochez
Lighter and Compositor: Amanda Skeith 
Motion Designer and 2D Animator: Dee Divakaran
Illustrator: Daniela Shuping
Sound Design: Caleb Green

Director: Qinye Xiang 
Technical Directors: Madison Snow and Qinye Xiang 
Character Design: Adriana Manrique 
Character Modelers: Faith Zeng, Rebecca Lau 
Character Riggers: Rebecca Lau, Faith Zeng, Mason Smigel 
Character Animators: Kazue Tng and Joshua Bates 
3D Environment Modelers: Madison Snow, Kazue Tng, & Qinye Xiang 
2D Background Designer: Cai Burks 
2D FX Artist & Compositor: Dee Divakaran 
Sound Designer: Caleb Green
NASA's ICESat-2 CHILL Lo-Fi BEATS​​​​​​​
CONCEPT: This project is a 44-minute animation loop video featuring soothing music and vocal snippets from the ICESat-2 mission; the LoFi Girl trend on YouTube inspired it. I handled the animation for this project.
APPLICATIONS USED: Photoshop and After Effects.
Illustrator: Daniela Shuping 
Sound Designer: Caleb Green 
Animator: Dee Divakaran
SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: YouTube: @NASAGoddard   |   Facebook Post: NASA ICE
Dr. Tom Neumann - Project Scientist
Valerie Casasanto - Education and Outreach Lead
Adriana Manrique - Multimedia Specialist, Animator at USRA / NASA
Dr. Nathan Kurtz - Deputy Project Scientist
Lori Perkins - Nasa Engineer
JP Swinski - SlideRule
Kate Ramsayer - Writer​​​​​​​
Dr. Deborah R. Fowler​​​​​​​

Dean Dan Bartlett
Chair Gray Marshall

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