This week we received feedback mainly on the lighting details and the logo transition at the end still seems too fast. My teammate Emma will be focusing on working on the lighting details and I plan on assisting her with any environment details she needs to make the reflections on the bottle look good. 
I modeled a structure with steps and modified one of the columns to add to the environment. I modeled the structure within Maya and brought it into Houdini and setup the environment so that I can hand it off to Emma for lighting.
Below are the before and after of the environment details on shot 01.
Next I adjusted the timing of the logo transition and informed my teammate Galina how many frames of the pyro in shot 05 I would require for the logo transition. I also reworked the glitters to add more depth to the way they appear and fade away. 
After discussing with my teammates about the sound track we will be using for our commercial, we did some more searching and found another royalty free option on YouTube with licensing that allows us to use the track: I re-edited the commercial with the new track. 
After our check-in with the mentors, as a team we decided to divide the rendering responsibilities to speed up the process. I was assigned shot 02 (rack focus) so I helped render out that shot. 
Below is our updated composite from this week:
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