This week we received feedback focused more on the environment and the logo transition at the end of shot 05. The scale of the environment did not make sense in relation to our perfume bottle and there were some issues with the art direction of the lighting and glass shader in some shots. For the logo transition, it was too fast and needs to be slowed down.
My teammate Emma decided to focus on working with the environment scale issues while I directed my attention to the logo transition and finding royalty free music to use in our final edit of the commercial. Currently, I have a lower quality soundtrack as a place holder for timing and overall tone of the commercial. 
After doing some thorough searching I found the soundtrack The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns on this website:  There is small fee for the licensing but it seemed like the best option without compromising the quality of the soundtrack. We hope to have this finalized by the end of next week. 
I worked on the timing for the logo transition and also updated the minor detail that I missed on the logo last week. The word "Guerlain" had the word "Paris" below it as well so I had to look up new version of the logo and update this on the logo transition as well. 
Here's a comparison of the logo transitions from last week to this week's updated timing: 
This week consisted of a lot polishing and rendering. Next week I hope to work more on getting some of the finishing details finalized, specially the sound and the logo transition. I will also be jumping in to help my teammates with the rendering process as it is getting closer to finishing and we need all hands on deck!
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