Hello and welcome to my SCAD with Harbor blog!
My name is Dee and I am currently pursuing my MFA degree in Motion Media Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. I also completed my BFA in Visual Effects from SCAD, Atlanta. I am more of a generalist with a look development background and come from a multidisciplinary background of 2D animation, illustration, visual effects, and motion design. This blog is dedicated to my elective class, SANM 560 - Collaborative Experiences in the School of Animation and Motion. The format of this class is set as a mentorship where we have weekly check-ins with mentors from Harbor Picture Company. And we would implement the feedback we receive to improve our project. 
I am part of a 4 members team named Team Beluga. My team members are Emma Schaberg, Thalia Valencia-Murphy and Galina Bovykina.
Dee Divakaran: Motion Design/ Generalist
Emma Schaberg: Lighting & Modeling
Thalia Valencia-Murphy: FX & Compositing
Galina Bovykina: FX
For this project, initially we did some brainstorming, and we were leaning more towards luxury brands and items like jewelry and watches. We wanted to pick a product that would showcase all our skills which range from look development, lighting, FX and compositing. After discussing our goals as a team we finally decided to create a full CG perfume commercial for the brand Guerlain and we picked their perfume Cuir Beluga, which is where our team’s name comes from.
I worked on storyboarding, moodboard and brand research.
Brand Research:
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