Final Commercial
Final Thoughts
Over the past ten weeks, I have embarked on a chocolate-filled adventure with my teammates! It's been a sweet journey, complete with cocoa twists, velvety turns, sparkles, and moments that are nothing short of delightful. My incredible teammates made this ride as smooth as satin, skillfully turning every challenge into a fun learning opportunity.  This experience has proven to be a transformative milestone in my education and career journey. 

Just as master chocolatiers guide their apprentices to find the perfect blend of cocoa, our mentors provided insightful feedback, expertly directing and helping us discover our ideal visual chocolate blend. We immersed ourselves in the cocoa-covered details until our project sparkled like a gold foil-wrapped truffle.

A heartfelt shoutout to our wonderful professors. Just as the perfect chocolate tempering process demands precision, they expertly guided us through the nuances of refining this project with unwavering support and dedication.

And now, as we proudly unwrap our carefully crafted chocolate commercial to the world, we take joy and delight in sharing the fruits of our chocolate-infused labor!

Dee Divakaran - Art Director & CG Generalist
Yanni He - FX Artist
Shashank Tadi - Compositor
Sawyer Bisson - Sound Designer
Mateo Solorzano - Director of Photography
Donnie Abrahamson - Filming & CG Integration Assist
Cynthia Soe - Prop Designer

Thank you, Harbor Picture Company mentors:
Kyle Cody
Molly Intersimone
Dongyoon Billy Jang

Justin Kurtz
Olivia Burke
Vi Nguyen
Hailey Akashian
Luke Midgley
Andrew Pellicer
Thank you, Professors: 
Deborah Fowler
Patrick Murphy
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