Week 08 Progress
Mentors Feedback Summary
- Reduce the saturation of the purple FX trail.  
- The edges of the FX trail look dark.
- Highlights are blown out.
- Bring out some light details on the face of the bunny.
- Reduce the speckles on the ground, especially in the first shot.
- Change the direction of the light so that the specular details are not too frontal. 
- Make sure DOF works.
- For Shot 03, for the shadows to work the highlight on the bunny could be painted out. 
- Track the tagline with shot 03. 
- Leaves detail on the tagline needs to be adjusted. 

Team Milestone
Our main task this week is to add more polish and detail to our project, which mainly includes addressing the important feedback and suggestions from the mentors. We also plan on adding additional details like the FX reflection to the environment. Once we fix the main issues, we will also do color grading. 

My Task Breakdown
- Fix lighting and specular details issues.
- Make sure DOF works correctly. 
- Track tagline. 
- Reduce spots/ speckles on the ground shader. 

- Help Shashank with color grading. 
Tagline Design & Tracking
I adjusted the tagline design to fit the title action safe area and tracked it with the live-action shot.
Color Grading
I collaborated with Shashank to color grade our project. To determine the appropriate contrast and values for all the shots, we examined everything in black and white. Next, we adjusted the saturation of each shot, striving to match the colors as closely as possible to the reference live-action plate.
Continuity Quilt From Week 06 to Week 09​​​​​​​
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