Week 06 Progress: Blocking in Details (Lighting, Look Development & Design)
Mentors Feedback Summary
- The shots still look disconnected. 
- Colors should match in all shots; right now, the CG shot is warmer and bright, whereas the live-action plate seems cool-toned, and dull. 
- The use of rotation in camera movement twice is too much. 
- For the end of shot 02, push in the camera instead of rotating around the bunny. 
- For shot 03, exaggerate the pull-out a little because the pacing seems odd compared to the movements in shots 01 & 02.
- The product needs to be integrated more into the shot.
- The tagline exploration is good, but the elements must be connected with the other shots.
- Adjust the framing in shot 03. 
Week 07 Milestone
- Find solutions to connect the shots through color match, lighting and elements. 
- Make sure the product is better integrated into Shot 03.

My Task Breakdown
- Fix color space issues.
- Continue working on refining environment assets, as well as overall shaders and lighting.
- Sculpt the ground surface to seamlessly integrate with the flowers and other environmental elements, ensuring they appear naturally integrated into the surroundings rather than simply placed on top. 
- Work on design details on the bunny, flowers, and chocolate box (logo needs to be legible).
- Animate the chocolate flower blooming. 
Tagline Test
I created a quick mockup of the tagline in After Effects to see if it works. I will explore ways to integrate this better and connect it with our other shots.
Package Design 
I re-designed the logo from last week to make the words "Blossom Bunnies" more prominent and refined the details around it.
Chocolate Flower Animation
Last week, I animated the main flower in shot 01 but faced some issues while exporting the fbx file into Houdini. I tried troubleshooting the problem myself and was able to figure out why the animation didn't work when I brought it into Houdini, but the shaders weren't working. Fortunately, Yanni came to my rescue this week and helped me figure out where I was going wrong. Specifically, she showed me how to assign new shaders to the imported flowers and I was able to update everything.
Shot 01 & 02: Shaders & Lighting Update
I have made some modifications to the ground shader using a test that Yanni had conducted. After fixing the color space issues, I have also adjusted the lighting and colors of all shaders. Although this set me back a little, I plan on refining and finding a visual balance by finding a space between the update from last week and this week.
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