Week 01 Progress: Concept Pitch
Mentors Feedback Summary
- The mood and tone of the project are well-defined.
- Consider adding metallic or reflective elements to showcase shading and lighting skills. 
- The commercial should have a rich and opulent appearance, similar to the design on the packaging.
- The animation of supers (superimposed text) should be tested, and maybe animated details like ribbons could be added.
- There's a disconnect between the first two shots and the last shot. The flow doesn't feel continuous. 
- The stop motion, like the popping up of the bunnies in the last shot, doesn't match the flow or camera work of the first two shots.
- Find a way to incorporate the graphical elements throughout the commercial or tone it down. 
- Shoot HDRI while filming live-action plate. 
- The live-action plate needs to be shot in a room with windows to achieve soft shadows and warm-looking lighting.
- Using real props during live-action filming is beneficial.
- Matching CG eggs with prop eggs will help showcase skills in shading, lighting, and compositing.
- Refine previs to connect the shots. 
- Filming equipment research. 
- Set composition test in location.
- Filming and FX workflow test.
My Tasks:
- Set design and composition test in location. 
- Contact sound designers. 
- Find someone to help with filming and color grading.

- Help Yanni with composition and timing for previs.
- Create a color script and layout sketch to determine details.
- Asset line up & Look dev. breakdown
New Members
Our team had concerns about the live action plate filming process. To address this, we sought help from experts in the field. Professor Murphy recommended that we contact someone with tech. comp experience, so Shashank reached out to them. Meanwhile, I contacted a teammate I worked with on a previous collaboration project, who was willing to assist us with the process and helped me reserve the necessary equipment. I also contacted a friend with set design experience to help me prepare the wooden eggs for filming. Below is the list of our team members: 
Mateo SolorzanoDirector of Photography
Donnie Abrahamson: CG Integration/ CG Generalist
Cynthia Soe: Set Designer
Furthermore, I have reached out to several sound designers to assist us, and we intend to finalize our selection by next week.
Moodboard & Set Design Research + Prep
During the feedback session, our mentors recommended incorporating reflective details to enhance the brand's feel, as well as to showcase our shading and lighting skills. These details would emphasize the luxurious and rich appearance of the foil elements used in the package design. To incorporate this suggestion, I updated the mood board to reflect the desired art direction of our commercial. I feel this helps us to redefine our vision, and moving forward; it would ensure that we have a clear visual direction for our project.
My team and I had a discussion about filming indoors without a green screen. I suggested filming at my house since it has a lot of natural lighting throughout the day. To test the quality of lighting, I started documenting different lighting conditions and shadows around the house.
I acquired the necessary props and materials to modify them using spray paint and gold foil pens. I also explored some layout, color, and texture options for the set design.
I created a design board for the prop eggs and shared it with Cynthia, who will be assisting with the set design. We aim to add more gold foil floral filigree details on neutral-tone base colors for the prop eggs.
After collecting materials for set dressing, I chose beige and brown colors resembling white, milk, and dark chocolate for the eggs. I prepped the base of the wooden eggs by spray painting them first and letting them dry. I then buffed the surface to polish any bumps and then mixed different colors. I applied a few coats of the quick-drying matte paint mixes on the wooden eggs. After that, I let the paint completely dry so that the gold foil pens glide smoothly on the surface. Additionally, I checked how the colors looked under natural light and diffused light to see how they would appear when photographed or filmed. Finally, Cynthia and I worked together to paint intricate designs on the colored eggs. The entire process took somewhere between two to three days.
After completing the design of the eggs, I took pictures of them with the product packaging to determine the composition, lighting, colors, and textures.
Asset Line Up, Look Development, and R&D
The packaging that inspired me was my own, and I obtained it about eight years ago. In order to get a better understanding of the product's current appearance, new packaging, and chocolate design, I recently acquired their latest package. 
I had a discussion with Yanni and created a list of 3D assets needed for the project. I also made a breakdown of the materials that will assist me in look development next week. Furthermore, I looked for some tutorials to help me achieve the painted chocolate texture for the chocolate bunnies, and I found one. I plan to study it more closely next week.
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