ABOUT: Crafted through a 10-week mentorship program in partnership with Harbor Picture Company and SCAD, this Guerlain commercial represents the collective efforts of a dedicated team of four. 
CONCEPT: The primary objective was to craft a sophisticated commercial showcasing Guerlain's Cuir Béluga perfume, precisely aligning with the brand and product's essence. The selection of effects and lighting was meticulously tailored to mirror the perfume's tonal and aesthetic attributes
Project featured in SideFX 2023 Houdini Reel.
1. Pre-Production: 
•    Brand research 
•    Moodboard creation 
•    Gathering product references 
•    Storyboarding 
•    Camera work 

2. Production: 
•    3D Modeling (perfume bottle and environment structures like columns).
•    Creating displacement maps. 
•    2D glitter particles.
•    Logo transition.

3. Post-Production:
•    Editing 
•    Credits
A special thank you to Harbor Picture Company mentors Kyle Cody, Dongyoon (Billy) Jang, Molly Intersimone, Olivia Burke, and our amazing professors Deborah Fowler and Bridget Gaynor.
For a more in-depth exploration of the creative journey, a comprehensive week-by-week breakdown is available on the Harbor Blog. You can also find the work of other teams who were part of this mentorship course here: Winter 2023 - SCAD x Harbor Pictures. 
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