3D Printed Mask: Vines
This mask was inspired by intricate detailing seen in Indian gold jewelry and organic design seen in nature. Unlike the more symmetrical placement of natural motifs in Indian jewelry, the design of the mask follows an organic and asymmetrical structure. It consists of attributes seen in the design of natural vines such as irregular meanders that repeat itself and overlap to form complex patterns naturally. The goal was to create a mask that combines certain aspects of both Indian jewelry and natural vines.
Laser Cutting: Honeycomb
The honeycomb was modeled in Rhinoceros and sized using real life measurements. It was then sliced within the software setting the thickness of each piece that was to be sent to laser cut. The material used for laser cutting is a clear acrylic sheet. All the pieces were assembled and glued together using acrylic glue. It was finished by spray painting the honeycomb gold.
Photograms & Pinhole Camera​​​​​​​​
This experimental series was created in order to understand composition, lighting and exposure using only photo paper. Some images were a result of exposing photo paper to light (photograms) while others were created with the help of a pinhole camera that was made out a headphone cardboard box and a lot of tape. 
Pinhole Camera Photos
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