Sangfroid (2018- Present) : Sangfroid is an experimental film that technically explores the combined use of 2D and 3D techniques to create an interesting look for the film. The storytelling aspect is equally if not more important and follows the emotional journey of our character Ren. He has always felt invisible in the eyes of everyone but one day he stumbles upon a peculiar character named Ada who not only notices him but tries to befriend him for some unknown reason. They start becoming friends and their friendship helps Ren find the magic in life and be content with experiencing life in his own way.
Illustrated by Eve Liu
Lumen de Lumine (2022) Lumen de Lumine is a personal project that is inspired by the moon. It follows the journey of Aster who feels lost in life and feels like she is drowning in her feelings with no visible way out. She goes on a surreal and enchanting journey through the woods that help her find her own light in order to guide her through the rough and darkness filled terrains of life. 
Escape (2019) : Escape is a 2D/3D hybrid short directed by Yeliz Motro. I was responsible for shader setup for the 3D character and lighting for two shots. 
Golden Hour (2019) : Golden Hour is a 3D short film directed and animated by Emily Stage. I worked as a lighting artist for this short.  
Everything is Awesome (2019) : This short was produced by a team as part of a 24 hour visual effects challenge. I was responsible for pre-production, painting textures (lego face and clothes design) and title/ ending credit design.  
Transmogrify (2018 - 2019) : A digital sculpture based on Roman poet Ovid's story of Arachne and Minerva. Responsible for the concept, model re-topologizing, texturing and lighting.  Through this project I try to experiment with a different storytelling format and technically challenge myself.
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