Lumen de Lumine is a personal project that follows the journey of Aster who feels lost in life and feels like she is drowning in her feelings with no visible way out. She goes on a surreal and enchanting journey through the woods that help her find her own light in order to guide her through the rough and darkness filled terrains of life. 
The story for this short film is inspired by the moon and this line from Bram Stroker's novel Dracula
"There are darknesses in life and there are lights, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights.
The moon and stars shine bright in the dark night sky and similar to this, when one is going through the darkest of times you can always rely on light within you to guide you and give you the strength to keep moving forward. This is the message I am trying to convey through this short film. 
While this project was initially created to challenge myself as a storyteller, it quickly evolved into something that challenges my current style of work as well. As an artist I find that my comfort zone has always been working with full color and high contrast. However, after stumbling upon works of artists who effectively utilize black and white as a medium for storytelling, I have been motivated to push past my comfort zone and give this new realm a try. As an artist, what I hope to achieve through this project is to truly overcome my fear of trying a new style and to remind myself to continue having fun with whatever projects or aspects of a project I decide to work on. 
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